a blog about a family hoping to live up to its street name...with everything constantly new and busy...we hope to be a family of simplicity, not of mind, but in life. A home full of love, life, and the Lord. Adding to a family means change, alot of change and this blog will be our journey - with pictures, stories, videos - this is our family, the ott family. dan, abby, benjamin, myers...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Proverbs 3.5

Where did you go for 10 months.  Great question.  Answer:  He is currently staring at me and calling my name while the elder boy sleeps.......

So lets start this thing off with a bang........ a tear jerker at least for mommy. enjoy B's memorization debut (is that even real - of course it is google it) - check it out.

Friday, November 2, 2012

What Happened Here?

So my eldest is on this kick where he really likes looking at his baby books - why?  Great question...answer Blue Clues....why, again?  Great Question - because he really likes it - don't judge me.

So back to it...Baby Books, and by baby books I am refering to his first year of life book 1 and volume 2 also known as year 2.  Now bear in mind before you watch the video that he has read these books (and by that I mean had them read to him) upwards to 794 times, and over the past 200 his participation in the process has been the exact same for each picture on the page viewed... and it sounds like this....


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tweetsie Railroad

Lets Check the Map so we know what we are getting into and where we are going....

Petting Zoo --- Yes.

Lets Warm up with the Kid Airplane Ride ---- Yes.
Momma I want to Ride that One..... Are you Sure?
....I Couldn't be more SURE....