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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

B Jumpstarting his way to the crawl

So Benjamin and I were driving and we came to a car lot that had one of those crazy looking fan guys.  You know what I am talking about, those tall long legged plastic cut outs connected to a wind tunnel that basically causes him to dance, back and forth, lunging and collapsing, falling and rising, but most of all having some wicked fun on top of said fan .... And Benjamin looked up at me and said - Dad I got that - put me in my bright blue outfit and I will show Johnny Carlot how things are done, and I look at him and say, son you cant walk, or bend down, or crawl, or lunge for that matter, and he looked at me and said 'suit me up naysayer, cant never could do nothing' --- and the rest --- well is for your enjoyment, B doing the jump-crawl-air-trick, he is shaky like the windman and just as fun to watch.

B Rocking the Horse - yeah I just did that...

So what is to follow is a barage of the past couple of months.  They have been busy and many of these memories captured but not shared on the blog, so we will send this memories out like an artist whose work has been lost for a time and is released in perfect conjunction with a anniversary or major shopping holiday ... but in this case there is no special occasion just more time to finally fill out these memories - so this is kinda like the 3rd Tupac CD postmortum then.
On to it....Benjamin and his rocking horse....he is getting ready for his ranching duties coming up this summer, and what better way to prepare than on Pegasus from Disneys Hercules.  Thats right just in case the herds get spread far and wide you have a flying horse to rally them in, and riding high on that horse you will see a boy squealing and kicking like a pro...who needs a G6