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Sunday, December 25, 2011

And Merry Christmas....

Merry Christmas

this is our celebration...

may your day be as full of cheer, falls and all.

And Thanksgiving

Just a couple of sweet picture memories.......

Knoxville Thanksgiving '11

Grams, Harper, and B at Memaws - Swing chilling.

Nana's Swing - Again more Chilling.

HuGGing a Dog.  Love some Maggie.

It was as the pictures show a great time of relaxing with family.  Much food, and much to be thankful for especially what lyeth below

 Jenny putting on a clinic.

Initially the competitive juices look on in embarrassment, losing the mancard, and chest hair and all that...but then, but then I thought to myself, here is a girl able to shoot - dudes beware, bon jovis' shot through the heart and your too blame is at hand if you break her heart - and the spread should strike fear.  Proud Brother, okay being the 2nd best shot of the chillun. 

Finally Halloween....

Day 1 - Community Party.


Ran around the jumper for the first 30 minutes.  At first he was checking it out, then I think he was honing his ninja monkey skills weaving in between the tie downs, back flips, belly rolls, wall walks - it was special.

Hayride - it was cold, I am glad the driver needed a spotter (company)
- had to take my jacket off, just saying.
Day 2 Halloween Night.

The candy grab, and more.  It took him a while to get going.  Mom had to show him the ropes with the carting around of the giant pumpkin face bucket and knocking on the doors.  trick or treat - wasn't necessary, as the home owners were all mesmerized and focused on something else. B had this tendency to just walk into peoples houses. If they opened the door to give him candy, then they opened the door to their worlds....almost like the cops - if you open the door then they are coming in (that advice was free all you college kids)....anyway our neighbor deter had been spying this action, unwilling to let the likes of a monkey in his house he was prepared.  A little back story on this is helpful, you see there is a nurse in the house and we all know that nurses realize the dangers and potential harm and disease that come with monkeys - thus no monkeys or small swinging primates allowed. So If you notice the action done by Deter, a seasoned vet at keeping out monkeys and the like ....step 1 door open but only to the point necessary for your body to squeeze through no more, step 2 slowly push through maintaining the door crack hindering the more agile and smaller sneaks access, step 3 closing the door behind you while using the body as a shield.....well played....Deter was wise enough to bring his re-enforcements to the door as B began his knock and duck in the house routine, garnering the likes of a ferocious guard dog named bailey access was denied, but and this is a big but B scored with the favorite Candy of the Night - M&Ms - the original - good times, first walking trick or treat. enjoy.



Check the almost beautiful orange and the sock monkey goodness - his best bud Turn Turn

Belly Laughs and Sugar Highs.

hey girl...

Hope you enjoy Halloween on Christmas - we have been having technical difficulties of late.