a blog about a family hoping to live up to its street name...with everything constantly new and busy...we hope to be a family of simplicity, not of mind, but in life. A home full of love, life, and the Lord. Adding to a family means change, alot of change and this blog will be our journey - with pictures, stories, videos - this is our family, the ott family. dan, abby, benjamin, myers...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forgotten 2010 Highlights...... Read on.

Uncle Dave Getting his Hold on in Nashvegas

Benjamin Flying his colors .... second words were Go Home - First Words - Go Vols or..... thats right - put it together and B says Go Vols or Go Home

Abercrombenjamin yeah.

Halloween Special.

 This is the picture where my boy is looking at the sticker that says that children should not be put into the buckets..... its not irony. Right?

At his New Dinner Table Enjoying grown up Dining.

So Fast the Camera catches the ghost speed crawling across the linoleum

Like Father Like Son....REMIX Video Up

So Proud....and no, there were no sound effects used for the making of this video.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspired by Nascar

On the back side of his 5th championship Jimmie Johnson spoke of his early love of driving and his enjoyment behind the wheel at an early age....Well Jimmie records were made to be broken, so you can pull out your lowes rachet set and tighten up those aging tear ducts because D. Benjamin Ott - A.K.A. 2010 is coming.  And yes thats right I used a number for his nickname, why because again we are ahead of the curve, nicknames with numbers - you heard it here first.  So back to it, 2010 riding strong and early, shows a joy behind the wheel unparalleled.  Combined with his natural ability to drive in tight confinds say a tight garage, you have the future of Nascar.  2010 is coming in 2028  record books beware. 

Here is to you Race City USA, technically driving, racing, rubbing, is in his blood.  Watch out for when those feet dont need help to reach the pedals.

3. B & H Bathtime

Benjamin and Harper gotta get clean....scrubba dub...up in the tub.  fetch a pail of water.  B is learning what it means to play in the tub grown up-ish style.