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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new kind of .... well .... Face Trend

Every once in a while a new trend is allowed to start that transcends itself and becomes iconic, it becomes associated with a whole culture ... in baseball there was the eye black - i know people say its to help with glare, but i have never experienced that reality but i sure did feel a lot tougher and meaner wearing it, it is scary to all pitchers alike... and you have wrestling and face paint, enter the ultimate warrior  - he said no more masks, those get in the way, give me my face paint and i will show you something that fans don no matter the age, a paint they dream about, emulate, sleep in.....and then you take the sunbather - if i can call your attention to the show salute your shorts and the camp director....zink, it revolutionized UV protection and style, not only can you keep your skin cancer free but you can also put your design skills to task.... and so enters Benjamin's creative genius....the oatmeal Gerber mask...a combination of all three....a great look,simple, great for the skin, edible, stylish, good for the hair and eyes, and regularity, UV protecting - and now is wearable to the point of picturesque dare i say Gerber billboards and before you know it, this is your kid, again - creative genius - trend setting to the point of iconic.... before you know it they will come up with a name and culture that all will speak... something like - the Gerber baby - thanks Benjamin Ott.  Here is to you.  Good Day.

Good Day

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Day Special ... not for the faint at heart

Amazing really....

I was dropping Abby off in Walmart, she was going in to grab some diapers and wipes....

How was she to know that we would need those so soon.  I was driving around the parking lot curious if this was going to be a quick stop or slow.  It just so happens that this day was one of the busiest of the Benjamin and i drive and actually can't find a spot any where near where I could see the entrance so we drive.  We drive.  We dodge around the lot. and drive. and.  as we are driving I am smelling B.  Some background here - he has had some nasty gas since the stop ups coming from the solid foods - so i am thinking that this boy has just passed some special goods but then their lingering smell takes hold...and lingers as we drive.  I look in the rear view and see him smiling just chillin - no cries, no worried face, just enjoying the parking lot driving.  I pick up the wifey in the front with a word of warning that i think he dropped a load, and to watch out for my hat - don't sit on my hat - she ignores the comment so I reiterate it as she moves in the car - not watching out for my hat which she informs me that she has never seen anything like it

We stop in a neighboring parking lot and pull out the wipes...wished we had the camera for a before picture because it was awesome...coming out of his diaper at leg level - kinda like sea level - the imagery you should have here is high tide with the poo about to come over top of the high sand, you know the kind that is soft and fluffy as you pass the dunes. leg pressed against the side of the car seat poo pooling in corner. Maybe this will be a better picture - Benjamin's left leg functioning as a dam regulating the poo that might possibly come over top...k that might be more information than you were going for but i feel like i wanted to give you that since we werent able to get pictures. 

Clean up was quite strenuous, we go through both of our travel boxes to open the fresh wipes we just bought.  And so we have pooh everywhere - we are the family laughing holding our kid away from the body as we don't want to wear it too - scrapping his clothes off.  Wiping his legs, back, fingers thats right he grabbed the poo at the end.  Overflowing diaper, 30 + wipes, a full trash bag.  What a gift he wanted to give us on the ides of August.... - a poo and shakespeare-ish reference in one post (check)

Good day.