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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new kind of .... well .... Face Trend

Every once in a while a new trend is allowed to start that transcends itself and becomes iconic, it becomes associated with a whole culture ... in baseball there was the eye black - i know people say its to help with glare, but i have never experienced that reality but i sure did feel a lot tougher and meaner wearing it, it is scary to all pitchers alike... and you have wrestling and face paint, enter the ultimate warrior  - he said no more masks, those get in the way, give me my face paint and i will show you something that fans don no matter the age, a paint they dream about, emulate, sleep in.....and then you take the sunbather - if i can call your attention to the show salute your shorts and the camp director....zink, it revolutionized UV protection and style, not only can you keep your skin cancer free but you can also put your design skills to task.... and so enters Benjamin's creative genius....the oatmeal Gerber mask...a combination of all three....a great look,simple, great for the skin, edible, stylish, good for the hair and eyes, and regularity, UV protecting - and now is wearable to the point of picturesque dare i say Gerber billboards and before you know it, this is your kid, again - creative genius - trend setting to the point of iconic.... before you know it they will come up with a name and culture that all will speak... something like - the Gerber baby - thanks Benjamin Ott.  Here is to you.  Good Day.

Good Day

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