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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Great Pee Bath begins at a normal diaper change and the exposing of bens manhood...mind you this isnt the first time that once unwrapped the pee flood began but this was the best, this was a flash flood of sorts....thankfully i was recently taught the cross leg hand sheild at the pediatrics and this was crucial in protecting abby and myself, as well as the world surrounding - the carpet, the furniture, the ceiling....and due this shield the spray was redirected downward, the spray was redirected on my boy. abby and i look at each other with a smirk and laugh knowing that this is gross on all accounts but cute in a wierd way. he is dripping in pee, he is laying in pee, and continuing to pee. abby and myself are leaning over Benjamin laughing at the scene - he just did what came natural to a boy drinking fluids all day, but what a horrible way to go at it, and wear it for that pee is surrounding our boy and laughter is in the air, that is until we realize that his head has just found its way into a puddle, and then laughter turns into something more as we proceed to wash him down with a wash cloth finishing the change. What a night, what a pee, and what amazing technology that keeps the pee from soaking into all of the things that he flooded...and so we learn...what?... i don't know...and so we laugh a lot. what a journey this will be.

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  1. I needed a laugh! Just wait - it continues. Tonight Landis was sitting on the potty and peed on me!!