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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day at Brookgreen Gardens

A Mother's Day under the Live Oaks @ Brookgreen Gardens

This for those who do not know, and have been to Biltmore is the Biltmore grounds of NC minus the expanse that is called the house at Biltmore and the obvious location differences, so to say it again there is no house on this property but the art, scenery, sculptures, gardens, history are just as brilliant if not more....And so Mother, Son, and Husband went to celebrate her day by taking in all of the beauty that God has given us, the trees for instance that you can see in the background of this picture have to be several hundreds of years old, live oaks, adorning a courtyard the size of a football field, the courtyard is known as live oak alley - i know not too creative but very descriptive at least.  These trees tower over us, covered in grandfather moss providing shade that only the dogwoods dare to dream of in East TN.  The beauty was truly special, the artists are one of a kind in their work, as this is the modern era though still before technically the modern art movement (beware small rant) which though challenges the mind to think, ponder, impose, and deconstruct is usually nothing more than a 9th grade level of shop skill and art class (rant over - you may continue to read here if a fan of modern art), but this work with bronze, silver, and many other fine metallic substances like methrial is top class in detail, design, description, and beauty - couldnt think of another d word.  And so here is our trip, to an amazing place in the Inlet....

and here are a couple more pictures of my amazing wifey on mothers day in the gardens with her boy....

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