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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trip to Beaufort, sounds like Bewfort not Bofort

The Ott Hare Tribe downtown Beaufort.

Beaufort has a really cool downtown, with an amazing park, we spent quite a bit of time down there with back porch swings lining the river walk, and a kids play place that makes for hours of play - with the next generation of the merry go round play least that is what i am going to call it - you remember the rusty ol piece that one person would jump on and his friends would spin around as fast as possible then leaving them swinging without any way off without broken bones and throw up.....well the next generation was a climbable feature - 3 levels on a pole so there are levels of kids being spun around in circles as fast as possible with a new element in play - elevation - not only can you fall off a merry go round spinny thing and break your bones but you can also break bones while getting serious air - amazing i know.
so you have a great downtown with good friends, mix in perfect weather during a storm forcast day, breeze coming off the river it was a great trip...

Here is Miss Olivia Rae holding her almost other brother give or take blood, ancestry, and the obvious a natural i know, she has a younger brother.  who is also below in silly picture time with the boys....BT, Benjamin, Topher, and Jakob...check it Benjamin and Topher's cry face works out perfectly in the picture.... they are naturals at this.

The Kids all together.

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