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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flying High

In the best sense of the term...

Abby, Dan, and B went on our first flying excursion.  Using Allegiant Air from MB to K-town.  It was a short flight but always a big deal.  Tense.  Thinking did i bring everything.  Do i need to have the long version of Benjamin's birth certificate.  Will i go on the trip if wife and child cant, i know its my 10 year high school reunion, but will i go.  Tense.  But quite enjoyable as well, getting to do things for the first time with my boy is always good times.  Rolling the stroller around an airport terminal in hopes that he will stay chilled before the flight, no one likes the loud baby right, and trying to quickly break down said stroller and car seat fast enough so that the people who are in a hurry, for who knows what - seriously to get the best luggage compartment are bearing down the connection at break neck speed, honestly it was a fun game i played, i actually was thinking about boxing out a dude so that my wifey and i could beat him - he looked clumsy and i was just trying to take care of my boy - remember no one likes a crying baby on a plane even if its still on the ground and a clumsy walker flails his arms too much and an elbow to the dome of a baby is bad news.  So new things, like rolling two carry on bags at the same time around people who dont see a baby stroller is something from a video game - remember paper boy - when the mom and stroller would take you out.  Any way all of this this was the pre flight and post flight excitement as my boy held this above posture throughout both flights, he was fantastic, eating on the plane, sleeping, given its only a 45 minute flight, but you have to walk before you can run.... so all this is to say .... Benjamin's first and second flights went fantastic, mom and dad made it there and back through tense and enjoyable times, and allegiant air give or take some other crying babies was great.  So Cheers.  Here is to you pilot who doesn't like hearing his voice over the intercom to wake up all sleeping babies, our flight back was a leisurely cruise and you are to thank.  Good day.

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