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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Day the (Great White Beetle's) Music Died...

She was Good.  Loyal. Dependable. Cute. Efficient. Classy, yet Fun. Full of memories and emotions - Joy, Sadness, Victory, Defeat, Elation, Heartache, but mostly sheer Happiness.  Windows down, Wind in the Curls.  Gerber Daisy looking up smiling as if to say - " I was crafted especially for this car and woman."
But time moves on, Families Grow.... And this post is the Tribute to a Vehicle of transportation, to a Car of 11 years, to a statement, to a iconic ride carrying one of the greatest road games invented, to my first car.  She was good.

All but 34 are mine.  Crazy eh.

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  1. AWWWWW how sad, the bug is gone!!!! I have to say I think I have as many memories in that car including laughs, learning all the words to all the NSYNC and Backstreet boys songs, crying on our 18th birthday (not kidding), driving to the beach thinking we were something special with the windows down. I will say I never got to drive it though--- I never figured out the stick shift thing! haha What a fun car, now you need to have a girl so you can get her the same car on her 16th birthday to carry on the tradition. I don't think ben would look as good in it as you did. haha love ya tons :)