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Saturday, October 9, 2010

# 2 - A New Way to Sleep ....

No matter when he finds his legs falling through the holes to "the strength shoes / meets trampoline" training system --- he jumps, and he jumps, and he jumps....smiles wide, giggles flow, and the noise of the spring vaulting him to new heights reverberates throughout the house. There isnt a place in the house that you wont be able to assume the look on his face by the sounds coming from both this toy and his newly found voice box.  He loves the jumper.  To say he loves it is an understatement, because often i love you's arent followed with the high pitched squeals found mainly at jonas brother and miley cyrus concerts.  It goes beyond admiration, beyond a connection, its a win - its elation, excitement, its rapture found on the frames of a door.  Its the fight of your biggest fish.  Its the game winning hit.  The last second shot.  Its the first kiss.  The first asking out - met with acceptance.  Its a win.  And wins are nearly always met with a time of celebration and crash - a time to revel in the happiness, and being rocked to sleep by a euphoric dream. 

This is a big win.  And the picture is the spoils of his labor. A  New Way to Sleep in a New Kind of Rocker.

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