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Monday, April 4, 2011

5 Dog Sitting Adventures

Meet Lilly

Relaxing lying on the couch. Now enters Benjamin onto the scene.

YouTube Video

According to Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer that's right great guess, it's important to get your dogs exercise. As you can see b is great at this... Not only is Lilly getting a lil mini walk on but she is also having to exercise her will. B = 2nd generation of Cesar. You see Benjamin is training Lilly not to go after the ball thrown while on the leash otherwise the walker (himself) will certainly fall to be drug around and unwrapped by the several layers of lease wrapped around his body and through his legs. Although watching a kid do a flip because of a dog would be quite humorous unless it's your own child, b (little Cesar) is perfectly in control of the situation and the dog training for this family.

Here are a couple more videos just to show you what the joy of dog sitting can bring a 1 year and a house...and also his internship video I am sending nat geo.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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