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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sanity and the Mall

Oh yes. You ask can that really go together with a child - sanity and the mall - to which I reply a-he'll-yes (apparently the auto spell check doesn't like the word he'll - see changed it again) so we are driving back from the land of the milk, honey, and trout...aka....east tennessee.  And yes the borders of the promise land have extended just as in the times of david and solomon, I think that the mountains and streams of Bristol and Johnson City are an apt addition to the goodness that is South Knoxville.  So back to this, we are driving back from this blessed land knowing that we have a 6.5 hour drive ahead of us.  Mom, Dad, Child, in a Passat Wagon TDI Silver.  We time the departure perfectly, hoping for a 2 - 2.5 hour nap, one stop that is dinner, and we make good time all the way to the Inlet of Murrells.  Problem is that Benjamin was not aware of said schedule.  Less than an hour into the drive, his eyes creep open to a full on alert i-am-talking-and looking-around.  Abby and I remain quiet and as still as possible, while still remaining responsible in our driving.  We hope and pray that our child didn't just wake up on the outskirts of Asheville with 5 hours to go.

Thinking back, Garth Brooks had this song that I used to jam to back in high school, thats right you can jam to country, anyway it was titled, Unanswered Prayers - to which the jist of the song essentially deals with a couple of circumstances where Garth, formally known as Chris Gaines, then returning to Garth Brooks prays that God would give him the current desires of his heart - the girl, the future, etc. - but those prayers go unanswered and the song is Garth Gaines' looking back thankful that these prayers go unanswered due the beauty that is his life now, beyond even the expectations and fantasies of that girl, future, and john deer green tractor maybe? 

This was not one of those situations.... even in spite of the awesomeness that is below.....this ride was long, this ride was stressful, and this ride was primarily awake....

Half way through our ride, we are hungry, and by we I mean we.  And B is tired of riding and by tired I mean screaming.  So we stop in Columbia at Columbiana Place in search of the food court.  We are thinking it will probably be good to let B run around a bit, work those restless legs - he wouldn't be able to do that in a fast food joint, would he?  thus the mall call.....  And as soon as we walk in our sanity arrives and so does the following madness. Enjoy.


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