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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The stages of a trip...and sleep

The new and the exciting .....Step 1 - the adventure begins....we are walking through the hands on museum in Johnson City, Tn.  True I did make fun of it for the years I was there, and also true I was ignorant of how amazing it was for kids.  B loved this place, full of special tunnels and slides, new toys and animals, and rides - not really, no rides beyond the slides - a thank you dr. suess.  And one of his favorite sections was the one with the airplane, or airpane as he calls em.  Once a terrifying crop-dusting fly-by now turned into this possible new career? -  for the thing that once brought tears and scuff marks from the concrete fall  now comes this new intrigue, admiration, curiousity, and a hard right turn.

A long trip in new places, new rooms to sleep in, naps that were half of the average many of which were taken in cars produced some built in need to recover which in turn produces a nice picture of a mickey book lean to the face.  step 2 exhaustion and awkward sleep.

And finally culminating in the final stage of both the trip and sleep - giving up.  After every trip you know that there is a errand to walmart necessary to restock the house again.  So the family loads up and Benjamin in a final cry for peace, in a final cry and offering of defeat  -  sits.  He sits down in the middle of Walmart unwilling to move.  just sitting.  staring.  frozen  in need of sleep. 

Holding his walart snacks but not eatting them, just holding them, just sitting.
He is done.  Exhausted and Frozen

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