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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Party BedHead Birthday Wagon Cupcake

Thats Right I Know What IT IS.....

As I write the title, It looks like I am throwing a word jumble answer key on as a header. 
So the confession is out there now....check out our birthday celebration.

The wifey came up with this idea about a roving party, taking advantage of the perfect weather in the beginning of March, and utilizing/showing off our white wash 4 inch rims on the wagon.  (Minimizing Clean Up for a Neighborhood 2nd Birthday --- i.e. dad carried a plastic walmart bag for cupcake wrappers  --- still not sure if I know how to use i.e. correctly but it feels right)  We set up rows of cupcakes.  Funfetti Chocolate Row 1, Chocolate Vanilla Row 2, Chocolate Chocolate Row 3, Funfetti Vanilla Row 4, and repeat, and +1 row.  4 wide - and your math is correct we are rolling 36 Deep around the neighborhood.

And So We Set Off

And we stop.
And if you notice the garage in the background adorning a "Sea Foam Green" House holding my wifeys Passat Wagon in it - then you notice that we achieved a grand total of 4 steps before this stop....

Wise beyond his years Ben realized that if he ate his cupcake right beside the wagon while Mom and Dad are slightly distracted with the neighborhood peoples that he would have #2 to his mouth faster than their almost 30 year old bones can react.

If you think that this is an embarrassment hug because I just got called out by Dad for getting 2 cupcakes - you are wrong.  This is the momma help me get the wrapper off #2 pose.

And Now we are off again.  With My Entourage (enter HBO hashtag here).  I am holding onto my Mickey Mouse Balloon while I get the older girls to do the pulling.  Check it.  Take Notes Lil Brother.

This was our favorite part.  My man, after scarfing 2 cupcakes down in 27 seconds, was a focused outdoor waiter for the neighborhood.  He made sure that everyone got there cupcake.  And yes he handed them all out just like this, holding them from the bottom ---- no drops.  And yes he was the cupcake Nazi - the cupcake he picked for you was the one you got - no requests - no exceptions - no refunds.  And he didn't want to stop "pushing" the wagon around until they were out....which was about the same time that this started to go down....

The Power Wheel Circle Cruise.  Police Car Yes Please.  ATV Doubles. Cue Regulators in background - RIGHT NOW.

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