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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

C.U.B. - Pre M.D. #3 - Inflatible Heaven

Before we find ourselves at the inflatible heaven.....a strory must be told... we are late getting to the hospital to do a sibling class .... we arrive and we are the only ones there to be greeted by an angry nurse.  Why do I say angry, no it wasnt the scowl that she wore, no it wasnt the obvious disappointment to see us - yes I repeat the class teaching nurse was disappointed to see her students, and no it wasnt the general displeasure that she read the story about Arthur going to the hospital to see his baby sister....angry because it happens to be the only explanation I can come up with why any sane nurse would try to scare a two year old about going to the hospital --- as "the first reason why you would go to the hopsital if something were really, really wrong say with your mommy, or your daddy, or yourself" --- I look at Abby and expressively ask - is she serious?....she must have had a horrible morning, car wouldnt start, and when it did she got a flat tire, and when she got to the hospital she realized that she came during the wrong shift, and so she went to grab breakfast but forgot her wallet - and she sat there waiting for us for hours on end, starving and have a very no good very rotten bad day or something like that --- and was thus angry.  and thus illogically and unexplainably scaring my son who was about to have a the, wait for it, hospital.
So we left with this desire to redeem the morning and the Broadway tourist world provides...
Inflatible Heaven. 

Seriously Superman Jumper and Slide....I thought it was cool when there was just a plain red, white, and blue blow up, I think they called them moon walkers back in the day, lets take a quick and honest step back I thought it was cool to throw pillows on the ground and pretend to jump and get air - but now they have SuperHero Blowups...Heaven
Now by and Large we were ok with B doing the inflatibles of his chosing, because after all they are inflatibles and who gets hurt on inflatibles and then he chose the speed racer first glance you might think its tame, I thought it was tame too, until I notice that Benjamin is no longer climbing the steps like they are steps but more like they are a ladder.  Now if I was running 40 I would have scaled that inflatible in 4.2 seconds to get to Benjamin before he went off this black diamond of a slide....Am I overexaggerating no.  This slide was no gradual decline - it peaked and dropped off like the great speed water slides of new give or take the awesome red car exterior and about 100 I being ridiculous later this morning I watch a kid do a front flip from the double black drop off right before he hit the moguls and continued flipping and wailing in pain.
They had a pirate ship.  So Sick.
Here is the slide with that one which is apparently wide enough for an entire preschool.

And then the classic with bigger highs and lows than we are used to, for example....

But we got used to it. It was all about the double bounce.

Day Redeemed thank you Broadway, thank you tourism industry, and thank you Superman.

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