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Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Local ZOO

Waccatee Zoo.
Waccatee Zoo was once described to me as a place or business whose origin has to be traced back to group of rednecks who got together one day and decided that they wanted to own exotic animals, and before they knew it they had enough of them to call it a zoo. A place full of your typical animals expected to be found at a zoo, but overrun with peacocks and chain linked fences. Welcome to Waccatee Zoo Day.

Now before you get to this next picture ... imagine ..... just imagine the excitement that would be present upon my entering the zoo and hearing about hybrid animals....

A ZONKEY - a mixture of zebra and donkey. Its color and markings could almost be likened to an over zealous Texas fan poorly coloring a zebra in his first coloring book. This spotchy burnt orange and white striped Zonkey brought with it such an excitement ... was I about to find my favorite animal ever - the elusive, the improbable, the uncanny (not really sure what that word means but I know its in front of Xmen so it would definitely work here) ----- LIGER. The cross between a Lion and Tiger. Thanks to the wisdom and insight of one Napoleon D. who swayed me from my childhood position of thinking that a horse with eagle wings was the bestest cross ever- it should also be known that I would originally name and patent this cross as a Pegasus. Back to it, I was in search for a LIGER ... would it, could it, because it definitely should be here if anywhere.

YouTube Video

Did you see it, Who would have thought it would be so magnificent, truly an awesome creature. 7 feet tall and 13 long. It was everything I have dreamed about, gold, orange, and black striped, with the mane of the lion. My dreams have come true...and my boy was not scared of it, grabbing the chain link and shaking, reminding the animal of mans command for dominion, he said my earth, mine, impressed yet?

Honestly after this video, which if I might say so is quite a bit more convincing than most bigfoot sightings, has raised the bar to such heights that the remainder of the visit might go by as dull - yet we have provided it below just in case your curiosity remains.

YouTube Video

Feeding was actually encouraged. Truly. Be it the greenery around the pins, or the 24 Oz souvenir cups filled with feed that you would expect to find at a petting zoo....momma is still quite quick on her feet protecting the fingers of one young boy whose little nubs resemble small pellets of food
YouTube Video

And finally, the chasing of the peacock in the rain....
YouTube Video

Great Times at Waccatee Zoo.

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