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Friday, September 2, 2011

A top the throne

I was thinking about one of the great scenes in movie history, from the academy award winning best-picture-made-in-front-of-a-green-screen-and-never-on-site movie ( a category many weren't aware of - but that didn't sneak by me )..... 300. This scene takes place half way through the movie, where the 300 Spartans were standing in front of King Xerxes as he was sitting on top of his throne - standing in between the pass, before Sparta. Now this scene has great instruction to us here in the u.s. ( & yes that was on purpose ) who don't know of a kings throne, his entrance, his company, the majesty of it all, and the extravagance that makes giant pandas and miniature giraffes (YouTube the commercials) look like an afterthought for a lesser king still. It in part shows the significance of a king and his throne, the respect and presence at his feet, and how the masses make way for their king.

Xerxes is atop of a throne, a story high, golden stairs, golden throne, golden laced and adorn landscape 20 meters high, wide, and deep. This throne though is mobile, mind you no less exhaustive and extravagant, a throne that if placed on modern wheels would be pulled by 3 elephants though not the kind pictured from dumbo but more like the ones from lord of the rings that are strong enough to mount small cities on their backs. Yet to incite terror and utter subjugation, this King has his peasants, slaves, and servants carrying this monstrosity on their backs. A truly magnificent scene and a grand entrance.

.... Scene recreated.... Enters Benjamin on top of his naturally brazen wooden throne with landscape adorn with blue, red, and white balloons draped like a canvas above .... The crowds look on in awe, - applause limited due the reverence and elation. Smiles wide, and hearts full as they create a path, a parting of the sea if you will, a path that would take us to our destination - to the place that we were not allowed to pass until the price was paid in full.

And yes that price was duly paid....


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