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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Allegiant Airtime

Waving goodbye to Myrtle Beach. I was enthralled by this new world, it was like the road was running with me, the trees and bushes were a blur and then we jumped up or at least it felt like a jump only to come down an hour later. Slowly the world was again changing. I still was watching those same trees and bushes but they were getting smaller and smaller until it looked like I could just reach down and pick them up to put beside my Cow and Pig in my little tikes barn - Farmer Joe would have been excited to say the least. If only I was able to get to them, if only, but there was some foggy thick glass I kept busting my hand against.

And then it happened everything went white, the small trees and little bitty things were no more and all I could see was white. Until a small piece of light made it's way to my window followed by another, until the sky opened up and we were on top of some winter wonderland, igloos, snow mountains, and rolling white I have seen snow but this was altogether something else, this is what all my cartoons tried to capture for snow scenes, this is what Disney uses for "celebration, FL's" yearly design (google it it's worth your time). Beautiful, fluffy, and perfectly drawn I am seeing the beauty and glory of God in this creation and I am overwhelmed....and so I look for a reprieve, I need to pull back to withdraw into something familiar, something I can get lost in, to essentially pinch myself into reality.

Thanks Baby Einstein, I focus to the distraction of nothing and no one, I am in my zone. And now my flight is almost complete. Officially Tennessee bound in my Allegiant Airplane.

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