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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting work done.

So it's been said that a father is supposed to instill a certain work ethic, a certain training, a certain skill set to there children.... Is it too early?

Maybe, or just maybe B is ready.

YouTube Video

A man should know how to clean up his work space, the garage is his domain. What will you do without a clean garage and driveway ? - nothing is the answer you are looking for.... And so we bring out the he voicing his complaint in this video? Maybe, but I hear his proud groans of accomplishment and so we go for more.

YouTube Video

Sweeping .... Check

Now onto maneuvering the heavy equipment, it can be noted that this piece of machinery does not come under the category of heavy equipment circa bobcat and bulldozer, but should be realized that to his body and weight this is a heavy piece to push.

Step 1 - do alongside

YouTube Video

Step 2 - go for it.

YouTube Video

Step 3 - realizing that there are more steps in the teaching process. And then cleaning up the mess from the demolition derby....yes his orange car dominated....and yes clean up is required.

Home depot cart pushing ...
check minus.

After all who fails and flunks out anymore. Here is to you most valued player - yeah I went there. Upward and good intentioned christian why do you ruin the good things in life..."€ (making a new symbol for the ending of a rabbit trail).

Enjoy the journey with us as we continue to get the work done, surely there is more to come, my procreated work force still has some landscaping, plumbing, and overall house maintenance and repair to learn. Good day.

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