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Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter egg progressions

Egg and basket beginnings

YouTube Video

And yes someone did say look alive at the end of this video.....

Now a minute later....

YouTube Video

Oh yeah....and fast forward 4 hours later....

YouTube Video

That's what I'm talking about -

And ....

YouTube Video

We digress finishing off with the basket dump. So great and so profound. He said to me - dad - what I get I give away, finders aren't keepers - it's only mine for awhile. So I will bless others with my booty - that's pirate talk - since the parents were in obx mom has randomly been elongating her r's and dad has been using ocean slang and wearing pirate patches. But now the writer digresses.

Now we are Dreaming about the hope for more egg hunts to come. Father we know that each day is a blessing, and we are grateful for each moment with such a sweet boy - thank you for these moments.

Enjoy the Easter videos, we did too.

One for the road

YouTube Video

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